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portrait of the ANAMARKO artist, face with brush


My name is Anna and I live in Poland. I'm a painter, a creative designer and a photographer in my small artistic business.
I adore wood as a material to work with. I love its smell, structure and its natural origin.  
I love to paint and wood is my favourite backing to paint on. Little wooden houses are main theme in my painting which I offer in my shop called "ANAMARKO". I also make personalised version of them, painting front elevation of the house on the basis of the photo sent me by the client.

I also invite you to my "forCRAFT" shop with wooden supplies for crafters,  designed to my own ideas.

I graduated from artistic high school, Silesian University in Cieszyn, where I met my husband and together with him created ANAMARKO duo. He helps me to grow my business and supports me with all my crazy ideas :) 

Privately I'm a happy mom of two children. 

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